Fairy Tail FanMade Opening - Sign by FLOW

This is a dedication to my Facebook Fairy Tail fan page! Until now, I still can't believe it has 13K+ likes! I'm so happy! T_T

Song: Sign - FLOW (Naruto Shippuden's 6th opening theme)

I tried to keep the video simple, so I refrained from putting any additional effects. I hope I did okay though! As for the video's size, I still don't know how to render in widescreen WITHOUT rendering in HD... so I don't know xD I wanted to save uploading and rendering time, so I chose not to render in HD. Anybody help? :D


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I do not own the clips nor am I claiming them! "FAIRY TAIL" belongs to Hiro Mashima!"


Fairy Tail Amv new song theme NARUTO english episode dub

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