Sign (Flow) Naruto Shippuden Opening 6 Piano Cover

VIEW OR DOWNLOAD MY HARRY POTTER DRAWING HERE: oops... caps lock... Here is my cover... Kind of rushed and bad quality :( I'm bad at covering songs : / I like this song so I was playing it all day yesterday. Naruto always comes out with a song I really like! I can't help but cover it. Seriously, my video qualities are getting worse... I don't like how the dynamics are flat when I listen to the recording :( I was slamming the keys on the loud parts and barely touching the keys on the soft part but it didn't pick up. I also noticed other pianos have a bigger volume range. But i still blame myself for most of the bad playing. I tried to make the left hand a little louder to make it soung "rock" but since the camera (i dragged my computer to my room since i lost the portable one) and ruined it... sorry for all this complaining. it wont get me anywhere. Now im off to practice more


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