Sign (Eng Acoustic Cover) - Jeet Suresh Paul

FREE DOWNLOAD AT (LYRICS ALSO AVAILABLE HERE) OR Check out Sign by Flow (Original) here : if you guys like this, check out one of my ORIGINALS... Join me on FACEBOOK :!/pages/Jeet/148503761872644 P.S PLS SHOW UR SUPPORT AND SIGN UP ON MY SITE(FREE).....REQUESTS ARE WELCOME I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG. THIS SONG WAS ORIGINALLY COMPOSED BY 'FLOW' AND THE COPYRIGHTS ARE NOT MINE. Lyrics Sign I realize the screaming pain Hearing loud in my brain But I'm going straight ahead with the scar Verse 1 Like the wind that dies away All we've been through just disappears And the broken bonds I see you try to severe And you'd think, that I would hurt But no more pain my heart will feel Coz it's sealed away for reasons clear to only me Pre chorus 1 I am losing sight Why do I fight this fight Is there another way For you to see the light But as I drag myself I hear a cry across the wind Chorus It tells me trust in myself Don't fear to follow my scars And if I do then maybe you won't take the weight of the world again Don't forget who we were Before our tears filled the skies Before it hit you the pain that serves as your protection Always remember it's the pain that's your protection Verse 2 Maybe kindness was the path to choose As I see the world we used to share And I start to doubt the reasons for us going on Prechorus 2 From the very start It's like we'd never part Now this ripping pain Is tearing at my brain But again I hear the cry from deep inside my heart"


NARUTO flow sign OP song 6th

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