Go! (Fighting Dreamers) Flow Cover

Me, ApostlePhilip of the Ninja-RPG (not that you know who I am or what the heck a Ninja-RPG is) playing a cover of Go! (Fighting Dreamers) by Flow. I made a couple mistakes, but... eh. I used a backing track that I made from scratch using MIDI. And no, I don't have tabs as I couldn't find any and had to figure out most of the song by ear... Erm... have a nice day? =)

And yeah, after putting it on youtube, it seems the audio/video got messed up a bit. I mean, look at the solo. o.O...

Oh, and just in case you care... the equipment I use is: Fender HSS Strat, BOSS MT-2 Distortion Pedal, Various effects generated with Garage Band on my iMac G5 (solo uses a flanger and echo), and my crappy Fender Frontman 15G Amp.


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