FLOW - ?Days? - Bass Cover

Great song, band, bassist, everything! You guys really enjoyed Answer, so I thought I'd do even more FLOW :D I even added a slap part that's not in the original song, during the rap part, which I think deserved some funkiness added to it ;P So yeah, Days by FLOW. Excellent song; first heard on the FLOW THE BEST: SINGLE COLLECTION CD I imported :D I plan on doing other songs from that single collection, including, but not limited to, Colors, GO!!!, Rookie, RE:MEMBER, etc.

Please help me out by subscribing, rating, commenting, spreading to other sites, all that good stuff. I love making videos for all of you guys, and it makes my day when people leave a comment saying how much they appreciated or learned from my video. Thanks guys, you mean the most to me other than God! :D

Please save me the time of answering all these questions and look it up at http://www.ultimate-guitar.com . I get every tab there unless otherwise specified, but 95% of the time it's a tab from that site. Otherwise, I learned the song by ear [in this case, I did. Sorry, no tabs, but I plan on making tabs for the two FLOW songs I've done so far.]

2. That's a cool Ibanez/Peavey/Trabian/etc. [not a question, but still]
No, my bass is Cort B4 Artisan series. It is AMAZING, for the price, neck, quality, sound, durability, EVERYTHING. Everything is just the way I like it, and it only costs $600 new (probably less; I think they discontinued the line). Look into it for yourself if you need a new bass, cause this thing plays like it's worth $1000+

3. How long have you been playing?
Well, I started playing guitar when I was 11, and bass at 13, so 5 years guitar/3 years bass. I am self taught on bass.

4. -Insert question-
Feel free to send me a message on YouTube. I'm not that popular so I should respond, but if I don't respond within a few days, just give it some time. I'm an overachiever in school so I have a lot of stuff to do all the time :P


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